Welcome to our ‘Kitchen’

We have a full commercial kitchen with totally separate preparation area for meats, to comply with the latest E.coli recommendations and to reduce any chance of cross contamination. Oaktree is one of the first nurseries in N. Ireland to work in conjunction with the ‘Children’s Food Trust’ to create a menu around the children. Our menu is rotated over a four week period, this guarantees the broadest diet possible. Our daily menu consists of; breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, evening refreshments, full time children are guaranteed at least three of their five a day. We have procedures in place to cater for a full range of dietary requirements including intolerances and allergies. We do not ask parents to send packed lunches with their children over school holidays, as parents ourselves we know how inconvenient this is but more importantly how difficult it is to provide a balanced diet and meet the 5 a day target. Our aim is to provide every child with at least 3 of their 5 a day and also provide balanced diet, so this is why we do not charge for any meals and we aim to provide for every dietary requirement.

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Oaktree Baby

At Oaktree Baby we recognise the huge developmental range of a baby, we have four rooms that specially focus on the milestones reached by each baby.


Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our pre school room focuses on the transition for Oaktree Baby to Oaktree Kids.

Oaktree Kids

There are many benefits of learning through play, we have 6 groups of children that rotate around our huge complex allowing them to choose their own preferred area of fun learning.

What Our Parents Say

Your Children

Oaktree understand every child is different, every child’s learning process is different. When it comes to learning we recognise children remember better when they are having fun. There are so many aspects of play that improve a child’s all round development. At Oaktree we promote, Learning through play.

Benefits of Play:

  • Early introduction to science & maths
  • Encourages creativity, imagination & expression of feelings
  • Develops body movement, strength, flexibility & coordination
  • Helps with turn taking, sharing & mixing with others
  • Play also allows children to relax and let off steam.

Learning through play is our ethos. A child is constantly learning, they will remember best when they are happy. Oaktree focuses on a huge variety of play activities each offering a different type of learning.

Happiness is the key to our success. Our logo has always been Oaktree Kids are better by smiles. Over the last 18 years we have focused on what makes our kids happy. One of the biggest reassurance for parents is when they hear their kids asking to stay on longer each day, we believe every child should have fun at Oaktree. We are very lucky to have past children coming back as parents, it is lovely to hear adults now coming back and recalling the happy times they had in Oaktree as a child.

We are very focused on the quality we can offer, as we are so hands on we adapt to every situation. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive difference we can make in a parent and child’s life.
We have always lived above the nursery and occasionally when we are in the local shops or at a local event we meet past kids now grown up, when they recall their happy memories of their time in Oaktree, we know we are doing things right. 🙂

We have designed our complex from the ground up, the layout of the building allows for the “next generation of childcare”, but the design of the building is also the next generation. Our new new build does not need fossil fuels to heat instead our design harness’ the natural solar gain to remain at a constant comfortable temperature all year round. We have a heat recovery system that ensures oxygen levels are maintained at a high level therefore we avoid the usual yawns seen after lunch in a conventional building. These and many more features ensure the kids are naturally happier throughout the day.

At oaktree we constantly strive to improve our safety standards. Oaktree Baby is unique as we have four separate play rooms and a sensory suite, this allows for exceptionally calm rooms with much less accidents. Equally Oaktree Kids is unique as we have the kids rotating around specific areas of learning through play, this in turn reduces accidents. Learning through play is our ethos, we believe it is important not to be risk averse but risk aware, it is essential to allow the children to learn through play.


We embrace the fact we own and manage Oaktree, this allows us and our Team to form and maintain great friendships with you the parent.


TeamOaktree are very proud to have the largest childcare facility in the UK & Ireland offering “the next generation of childcare”. We are proof small local business’ can be better than the multinational companies, without corporate structures and our unique Eco build, we are able to keep our prices much less than the average for Co. Antrim.


At Team Oaktree we are constantly updating our qualifications through in house and external training.

Allergy aware

Having a daughter with a serious nut and egg allergy we have always been acutely aware of the dangers of cross contamination. We are very proud of our policies and procedures that have allowed us to offer this level of care over the last 18 years with out incident.


Catherine and Shane have been at the helm of TeamOaktree every day over the last 18 years. It is Catherine’s eye for detail as a manager that has made TeamOaktree an award winning Team. It is Shane’s eye for detail on building and extending all our facilities that has created an internationally award winning complex.

Play Areas

We have continually reinvested in our play facilities and as you will see we offer more than any other provider. Our passion is LEARNING THROUGH PLAY.


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