Welcome to  the Next Generation Of Childcare

Why Oaktree are the next generation of child care

Over the last 18 years, as owner managers we have been able to adapt and design a totally new concept of childcare.

Our concept has been recognised both nationally and locally with numerous awards but one quote from our inspectors says it all, “It was refreshing to see a facility in operation which thinks outside the box with children clearly at the centre of its operation.”

What is the ‘next generation of childcare’?

Over many years we have examined what we do an how we can improve things for the children, as we have chosen to stay hands on over the last 18 years it has given us a great insight on what the children benefit from most. The ‘next generation of childcare’ is a combination of a number factors:

The environment. This is almost always over looked, yet it plays such in important role in both the happiness and well being of a child. Our building is designed around the children, we have better levels of natural light, air quality and ambient temperatures with in our building. Outside, we have a larger range of different play facilities that are uniquely customised around the children.

Space. Conventional nurseries build the nurseries around the ‘minimum standards’ as set out in the ‘Children’s Order’. We based our layout around each particular play activity, so some of our rooms are four times larger than conventional nurseries. By putting the focus on the children at the design stage we were able to radically improve the overall layout.

Eco. We believe we have designed the first eco nursery building that could be easily replicated for all nurseries and schools in the future. The designs are not only better for the environment, there are reduced capital and running costs that can be passed down to the parents.

Oaktree Baby. In Oaktree Baby we have four separate rooms that focus on the range of  development, your baby moves through these rooms as they reach a range of milestones. We also have our Sensory Suite that offers the babies a different learning environment. There are many benefits to having the babies in four different rooms, one noticeable factor is the reduced noise levels but the most important factor is happier babies.

Preschool. Our Preschool room focuses on the transition from Oaktree Baby to school and Oaktree Kids. This is such an important room, changing from Oaktree Baby to Oaktree Kids, there is so much new learning. We start to introduce your child to school and a whole range of learning activities in Oaktree Kids.

Oaktree Kids. Oaktree Kids is based on a totally new type of concept with a real focus on learning through play. Over the years we have tested many models, we found wrap around care was too institutionalised, most kids preferred leaving school at the end of the day. We also tried  afterschool with age related rooms but again this was too similar to school. We had our first break through 10 years ago when we built our first soft play area and computer gaming room, this was the beginning of our new concept. Over the years we simply listened to the kids and designed our new facility from the ground up with a blend of our ideas. The final product was a blend of Eco facilities with a real focus on fun activities for every child both indoor and outdoor. The most notable difference you will find is the children are not keen on leaving at the end of the day. The kids rotate around all the play activities throughout the day, they have so much fun they don’t even realise how much they are learning. Each play activity we offer has a particular type of learning in mind.

All play is associated with intense thought activity and rapid intellectual growth.

The highest form of research is essentially play.

TeamOaktree. We see our Team as a crucial part of Oaktree, our design focus’ on the well being of our Team as well as the children. As individuals can never give 100% all of the time but as as Team we look out for each other and as a whole we can give 100% all of the time. It is very important to us that every member of our Team realises, we are not here to simply look after the children, every day we are given the opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on every child.

Inspections. Our inspections highlight where we are, they currently see us in a different league to everyone else,  but we would hope that in another generation our concept of childcare could be offered to everyone.

Parents. As parents of four children we see how hard it is to balance everything. One of the key parts of our concept is affordability, our concept offers a different league of childcare but we believe it should be available to everyone, our prices are about 25% less than the Co. Antrim average and substantially less than the average for the Uk and Ireland. We also know how difficult it is getting out to work every morning with kids, so we designed a Parents area for you to grab a complimentary cup of tea or coffee for the journey to work or simply take some time out in the evening before picking the kids up again.

Oaktree Baby

At Oaktree Baby we recognise the huge developmental range of a baby, we have four rooms that specially focus on the milestones reached by each baby.


Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our pre school room focuses on the transition for Oaktree Baby to Oaktree Kids.

Oaktree Kids

There are many benefits of learning through play, we have 6 groups of children that rotate around our huge complex allowing them to choose their own preferred area of fun learning.

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

Every new visitor we have, whether it’s a child, parent or inspector, they have the same reaction. When we see that big smile we know we are going in the right direction. Our success can be attributed to the fact we are never satisfied and we constantly aim to improve our care. Team Oaktree always give 100% effort to ensure all our children and parents are 100% happy!

TeamOaktree Effort
“It was refreshing to see a facility that thinks outside the box with children clearly at the centre of its operation” – our local inspection authority

What Our Parents Say

Your Children

Oaktree understand every child is different, every child’s learning process is different. When it comes to learning we recognise children remember better when they are having fun. There are so many aspects of play that improve a child’s all round development. At Oaktree we promote, Learning through play.

  • Early introduction to science & maths
  • Encourages creativity, imagination & expression of feelings
  • Develops body movement, strength, flexibility & coordination
  • Helps with turn taking, sharing & mixing with others
  • Play also allows children to relax and let off steam.

At oaktree we constantly strive to improve our safety standards. Oaktree Baby is unique as we have four separate play rooms and a sensory suite, this allows for exceptionally calm rooms with much less accidents. Equally Oaktree Kids is unique as we have the kids rotating around specific areas of learning through play, this in turn reduces accidents. Learning through play is our ethos, we believe it is important not to be risk averse but risk aware, it is essential to allow the children to learn through play.

Happiness is the key to our success. Our logo has always been Oaktree Kids are better by smiles. Over the last 18 years we have focused on what makes our kids happy. One of the biggest reassurance for parents is when they hear their kids asking to stay on longer each day, we believe every child should have fun at Oaktree. We are very lucky to have past children coming back as parents, it is lovely to hear adults now coming back and recalling the happy times they had in Oaktree as a child.

Learning through play is our ethos. A child is constantly learning, they will remember best when they are happy. Oaktree focuses on a huge variety of play activities each offering a different type of learning.


We embrace the fact we own and manage Oaktree, this allows us and our Team to form and maintain great friendships with you the parent.


TeamOaktree are very proud to have the largest childcare facility in the UK & Ireland offering “the next generation of childcare”. We are proof small local business’ can be better than the multinational companies, without corporate structures and our unique Eco build, we are able to keep our prices much less than the average for Co. Antrim.


At Team Oaktree we are constantly updating our qualifications through in house and external training.

Allergy aware

Having a daughter with a serious nut and egg allergy we have always been acutely aware of the dangers of cross contamination. We are very proud of our policies and procedures that have allowed us to offer this level of care over the last 18 years with out incident.


Catherine and Shane have been at the helm of TeamOaktree every day over the last 18 years. It is Catherine’s eye for detail as a manager that has made TeamOaktree an award winning Team. It is Shane’s eye for detail on building and extending all our facilities that has created an internationally award winning complex.

Play Areas

We have continually reinvested in our play facilities and as you will see we offer more than any other provider. Our passion is LEARNING THROUGH PLAY.


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