Catherine and I started Oaktree in 1999, we are a local family with a real passion for childcare. We are both hands on and have developed many real friendships with our parents and children alike over the years and it’s lovely to see some of our original children back as parents now. As owner managers we have continually improved and added more and more facilities for the kids and now we not only have the first Eco Nursery building, over the years we have become the largest facility. It was never our goal to become the largest, we are more focused on the quality we can offer, as we are so hands on we adapt to every situation. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive difference we can make in a parent and child’s life.
We have always lived above the nursery and occasionally when we are in the local shops or at a local event we meet past kids now grown up, when they recall their happy memories of their time in Oaktree, we know we are doing things right. πŸ™‚